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Herbo-Life Vaporiser - £45


This excellent value vapouriser has an adjustable temperature control
and parts are custom designed. The silicon tube is tasteless
and won't crease.
The Herbo-life carries the ce safteymark and has vde & ul approved power cord


Iolite Vaporiser - £140


The iolite has been updated with improved ignition reliability and heater system. Tthis hand held vapouriser uses a flameless gas catalytic heater and thermostat to evenly vapourise the herb of choice.
A very effective system, which dose not require mains lead or batteries. Only approved medical and food grade plastics/materials have been used in its
manufacture and it complies with iso:9001 strict quality guidelines. Available in 9 colours, comes in a  display box and the following parts
Carrying case, extra wide cleaning tool, maintenance tool,  moisture condenser, extendable mouthpiece, 7 dot herb chamber screen, fine mesh screen and instruction manual. Colours/ black, blue, green, orange,purple,red and yellow


Vapbong - Disguised as Marker Pen - £35


This is the ultimate in hand held vaporisers.
It features a carry case disguised as a permanent marker pen. This unit includes a spare glass case should it be dropped and broken, spare gauze, pipe cleaner and instructions


Volcano Digital or Classic vaporiser


An award winning vapouriser-Best on the market.
The  variable and extremely accurate temperature control ensures that the smoking material is vapourised properly without burning.
The vapour is collected in the ballon, which can be passed around separatley from the vapouriser itself.
approved materials used in the manufacture and strict quality guidelines

The volcano classic £310.00

The volcano digital  £390.00

Solid valve or Easy valve set included but please specify

Volcano Vaporiser - Spares

Spare parts
solid valve set/ 1x normal screen set, 1x filling chamber, 1x balloon tube, 1x mouthpiese, 1x soild valve. £100

Easy valve set/ 5x easy valve balloons, 1x filling chamber with cap, 1x normal screen set, 1x cleaning brush, 1x liquid pad. £85

Easy valve replacement set 6x easy valve balloons £45

Air filter cap £3.20 Air filter set £5.50 Balloon £4.50
Solid valve £58 Solid valve balloon clip £2.50
Solid valve filling chamber for herbs £54
Solid valve filling chamber insert £12
Solid valve mouthpiece £24
Easy valve normal screen set £ 6.95
Easy valve fine screen set £6.95